Sun Comes Up: (2016) Autographed Mailed CD
  • Sun Comes Up: (2016) Autographed Mailed CD
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Selina Albright’s 2016 original single “Sun Comes Up,” at first listen, is about the sun rising over the Earth as it rotates in its orbit. However, the artist’s intention, is to describe her experience during her most recent epiphany. It reflects her urgency to change course, embracing a new lifestyle of fearlessness, focus, purpose, and a little sass.

Composed in 7/4 meter, this selection features world-renowned musicians, including her cowriter, jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright, keyboardist Chris "Big Dog" Davis, and drummer Jay Williams.

Song List:

  1. Sun Comes Up (feat. Gerald Albright)
  2. Sun Comes Up (feat. Gerald Albright - Radio Edit)
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