Lyrics by Selina Albright

Verse One:
Dawn peeks it way over my eyes
It wakes a multitude of things that I can't see
And I can't hear

I can't help but conceptualize
The places the sun passed through before it reached me
To awaken me

I was just wrapping up a dream
Everything that I could see
It was nothing like it seemed
I blinked my eyes and with relief
I woke up to new realities

Sun, did you lighten all my dreams?
Was it you who dared to rip the seams
Of the night that surrounded me
When I couldn't see

Verse Two:
Now, my eyes are open to it all
The newness and the unknown makes the path unclear
Now, I have no fear

I greet each day with new resolve
Connecting who I am with who I want to be
When the sun sees me

The clouds move so high
Red into white
Filling up the sky
Slowly they travel and they know

The whole world must move
Time will travel through
No matter what we do
When was the last time that you watched the

Moon disappear
The sky become so clear
As the sun appears
Can you believe the beauty when the

Sun rays they dance
Over the land
And-over water so vast
What was I seeing there before the sun

Funk Vamp:
Sun comes up, yeah
So glad that the sun came up, yeah