Lyrics by Selina Albright
Music Written and Produced by James “JRob” Roberson and Selina Albright
Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, and Vocal Arrangement: Selina Albright
Keys and Instrumentation: James “JRob” Roberson
Bass: Kyle Smith
Guitars and Guitar Solo: Kay-Ta Matsuno

Verse One
Grew two sizes in two years
Smile is stretched from ear to ear
Had to get new lingerie
Throw all them bridal gifts away
My dresses fit me extra tight
But that look on your face says you like it alright
Yes, your love makes me wanna eat something

Maybe you wonder why
My booty spread so... wide
In such a short time
I ain't gon' apologize
Your love makes me wanna eat something

So come on pass me them turkey necks
Them collard greens
That corn bread
And that rice and beans
'Cause your love makes me wanna eat something

Verse Two
I know you like it cause you smack it more than ever
There's nothing that it's lacking baby never
Do you need a place to sit your glass?
Cause these curves could be multi-functional

I didn't realize you liked me this thick
The bigger I get, the more you wanna hold on to
Go on and do what you wanna do
You bought the cow
You get the udders and the filet too

When it boils down what matters is
I got a man who loves the way I is
His love makes me wanna eat something


Verse Three
I try to do more exercise
That can't disguise
What's sitting at the top of my thighs
I wanna eat something