1. Highest High


Lyrics Written by Selina Albright
Music Written and Produced by Chris “Big Dog” Davis
Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, and Vocal Arrangement: Selina Albright
Keys and Instrumentation: Chris “Big Dog” Davis
Horn Arrangement: Gerald Albright
Alto and Tenor Saxophones: Gerald Albright

Verse One
I was never the doll
Waiting three days for a phone call
Never the type to run around
Chasing the hope of being found
Hung out with friends
Those who shared my independence
They were surprised the day I said
I’d never have to be alone again

You’re my highest high
You’re my never low
You’re my silver sky
I am never letting go
You’re my widest smile
You’re my golden glow
Opened up my eyes
I am never letting go

Verse Two
As the story unveils
We are much more than a fairy tale
(Consistently you prove to be)
(A man of deep integrity)
(Not afraid to challenge me)
(And take me where I wanna be)
I hit it big with this one ladies
This ain’t nothing like all the others
(Met the match never thought I’d catch)
(Loves me with no strings attached)
(Mentally and physically)
(I know he’s always covering me)

Tell me that you ain’t going nowhere
Say that I’m all you need
Tell me that I do it for you baby
Say you’ll never let me go
Tell me that the world’s better with me
Say you’re in love with me
Tell me that no other will do baby
Say you’ll never let me go