1. Talk To Her


Lyrics Written by Selina Albright
Music Written and Produced by James “JRob” Roberson
Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, and Vocal Arrangement: Selina Albright
Keys and Instrumentation: James Roberson
Guitar: Geno Finley

Verse One
You saw her face and your guard came down
No other woman coulda worn her crown
Suddenly you felt a hesitation
Are you man enough to be her one

You look at her and you see your wife
Make you wanna redirect your life
Step back for a second
Keep it simple
Take a breath
Find your window

You don't have to know if she'll walk down the aisle
Just go and entertain her for a while
If you look at her and all you can do is smile
Then go
Go and talk to her

Verse Two
Been here more times than one
Been hurt so bad, thought you were done
But this ones special
This one's different
You just feel it
Take a chance
Now don't you run

We miss the best opportunities being scared
Don't wait too long assuming that she'll always be there
Gather yourself
There's no one else
Who can do it for you
Don't you spend your life in question