Lyrics Written by Selina Albright
Music Written and Produced by Chris “Big Dog” Davis
Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, and Vocal Arrangement: Selina Albright
Keys and Instrumentation: Chris “Big Dog” Davis
Flute Arrangement: Gerald Albright
Flutes: Gerald Albright
Flute Solo: Gerald Albright

Verse One
You draw the line but you never close the door
Being kind doesn’t mean being blind to manipulation
Or is it just that you’ve been burned
So much that you’re desensitized
I feel sorry for your heart and mind

You must allow the past to end
Before a new life can begin
Only you determine when you let go
Just allow the guilt to end
Before the newness can begin
Only then will we be able to grow

Verse Two
You move along while the weight of burden drags from you
A giving heart doesn't mean that others gain while you always lose
What about your dreams and your needs
And all the hopes inside of you
What are you really trying to prove

Verse Three
Freedom comes releasing all toxicity
So give it up and let go of their responsibility